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Classes start at only $72 per month!

Families with more than one student and/or students enrolled in multiple classes receive discounted tuition. 

Call the studio for more information or questions!
(770) 318-2148

See below for information on our payment policies.

INSPIRE operates on a 'Contract' and 'Non-Contract' season.

INSPIRE'S 'Non-Contract' season begins in August and runs through October. During this period, dancers may choose to drop classes and be removed from the program at no penalty. Our 'Non-contract' season is a chance for dancers and parents to enjoy classes and experience INSPIRE with no obligation to continue for the duration of the season. We do require written notice prior to the 1st of any given month if you wish to cancel classes. Your card will be auto drafted if notice is not given.

Our 'Contract' season begins on November 1st and ends at the beginning of June. In October, all parents and students wishing to participate in our end-of-the-year recital will sign a commitment form. This form locks participating dancers into our program for the remainder of the season. Our 'Contract' season is setup for parents and students who wish to participate in the recital and choose to commit to the development of our Spring Recital.

Our season contract is enforced to ensure that the development of our productions is of highest quality.

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