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Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms and is known for its rigorous technique, flowing and precise movements, and ethereal qualities. This style is characterized by tradition and employs techniques that have been handed down over centuries. Our ballet classes focus on technique, proper body alignment, terminology, and musicality. Ballet is perfect for dancers looking to create a solid foundation for his or her dance training.


Contemporary is an INSPIRE favorite! Contemporary is a style of pure expression that combines the techniques of several genres of dance including classical ballet, modern, lyrical, and jazz! Contemporary challenges dancers to use choreography and movement to interpret music and express emotion. In this class, dancers will learn to move and convey a dance's meaning through lyrics and musicality. **


ELEVATE Technique Lab is perfect for dancers who want more out of their training! In this class dancers will focus on the mastery of turns, leaps, conditioning, and technique in all areas! Each week dancers have the opportunity to troubleshoot weak areas as well as build upon their existing skills in Ballet, Jazz, and Contemporary! ***


Hip Hop is a fan favorite! This style is a vibrant form of dance that combines a variety of freestyle movements to create a cultural piece of art. Our hip hop classes incorporate a variety of old and new urban, street, and pop dance styles. The dancing represents body movements that go with the beat and rhythm of hip hop music and helps dancers improve body balance, rhythm, and coordination.


Jazz technique is one of the most popular and well-known forms of dance! Our jazz classes focus on proper technique such as isolations of the body, strength, flexibility, conditioning, and developing rhythms and patterns across the floor and in center.  In our jazz classes, dancers learn progressions for turns, kicks, and leaps as well as fun and trendy dance steps that are used in all forms of dance. 


Pre-pointe is a class designed to help dancers strengthen their feet, improve alignment and posture, and help students have the skills necessary to graduate into pointe shoes. This class will work on developing specific muscles needed for pointe work and continue to stress correct alignment and classical ballet technique.  At the end of the year, dancers will be evaluated individually based on strength and alignment. Graduates of pre-pointe will then be eligible to register for Pointe 100. *


Tap technique is all about the rhythms and its unique mind-to-foot connection. Tap is a unique style of dance involving specific and rapid footwork. This class is fast paced and focuses on technical tap skills as well as the ability to understand and replicate rhythms and accents in music. Tap is amazing for dancers looking to learn, execute, and master rhythm, speed, and style!

*Students enrolled in a Pre-Pointe and/or Pointe class must also take a 60 - 90 minute Ballet technique class.

Students enrolled in a Contemporary class must also take either a Jazz or Ballet technique class 

***Students enrolled in ELEVATE Technique Lab must also be enrolled in both Ballet & Jazz technique classes. 

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