A registration fee of $40.00 per dancer is due at the time of registration for all new and returning students.

Registration Fees are non-refundable and must be paid before any student will be added to the class roster. 

Registration at INSPIRE is based on a first come, first served basis and classes will close once capacity has been reached.


Make sure you dress the part for dance class! Our dress code provides all the details you need for every class at INSPIRE! We do not sell dance attire from the studio but can easily recommend local dance wear retailers!


INSPIRE operates on a 'Contract' and 'Non-Contract' season. 

INSPIRE'S 'Non-Contract' season begins in August and runs through October. During this period, dancers may choose to drop classes and be removed from the program at no penalty. Our 'Non-contract' season is a chance for dancers and parents to enjoy classes and experience INSPIRE with no obligation to continue for the duration of the season. We do require written notice prior to the 15th of the month if you wish to discontinue classes. Your card will be auto drafted if notice is not given. 

Our 'Contract' season begins on November 1st and ends at the beginning of June. In October, all parents and students wishing to participate in our end-of-the-year recital will sign a commitment form. This form locks participating dancers into our program for the remainder of the season. Our 'Contract' season is setup for parents and students who wish to participate in the recital and choose to commit to the development of our Spring Recital.

'Contract' season is enforced to ensure that the development of our productions are of the highest quality with parents and students who are passionate and committed to our end goal. 


Tuition is based on an eleven month rate (August - June), not the number of classes in a month as this will vary from month to month.

Students typically receive an average of 35 lessons per season. 

Monthly tuition is not pro-rated or re-scheduled for missed classes made by students. If a class is cancelled due to teacher absence or illness, a makeup class will be scheduled.

Classes missed typically cannot be made up once the contract season has begun (October) as choreography is being set for each individual class. ​

Tuition is due before the 7th of each month (Augst-June) after the 7th, overdue student accounts are charged a $25.00 late fee (per family). After the 15th of the month, students with unpaid balances will be denied class. 

Tuition due dates and fees remain the same regardless of holidays, breaks, or absences.

Tuition includes: All classes from August-June

Tuition does not include: Registration fee, Costume, Recital Fees, Optional Events & Services (Ex. Recital DVD, Pictures, INSPIRE Events, and Camps.)

Tuition is non-refundable. All withdrawals from class must be received PRIOR to the eighth of the month. If notification is not recieved prior, the dancers' account will be drafted for the full months' tuition. Dancers with an overdue balance from previous seasons can not register for future seasons without a clear account balance. 

A $25.00 fee will be charged to your account for each returned check.