I N S P I R E  D A N C E  E L I T E

INSPIRE Dance Elite was established in the Fall of 2014.

INSPIRE Dance Elite, or I.D.E., is comprised of our most advanced and passionate dancers ages 7+. 

Our audition-only dance company is set aside for dancers who are serious about their dance eduction and desire to pursue dance as a future career or no-nonsense extra curricular activity.

I.D.E. dancers are required to take various technique and composition classes as part of their training. As a result of their extensive training, I.D.E. dancers have the opportunity to participate in multiple onstage performances throughout the year. 

INSPIRE School for the Arts has been recognized for their choreography, costuming, and was awarded 'Top Studio' three times during the 2018-2019 dance season. 

INSPIRE Dance Elite dancers serve as a representation of the high standards INSPIRE School for the Arts sets forth for their dancers and frequently represents INSPIRE in publications and community events.

INSPIRE is very proud

of our INSPIRE Dance Elite dancers and their dedication to the performing arts. 

Congratulations to our 2022-2023 IDE Team: